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The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) is pleased to invite you Back to the Beginning to the 2017 Annual General Meeting hosted in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The 2017 edition of the CSEP Conference pays homage to the inaugural AGM hosted in Winnipeg during the 1967 Pan American Games. We are honoured to celebrate 50 years of health, fitness, and high performance research excellence by welcoming health professionals from all over Canada Back to the Beginning.


John Sutton Lecture:  Dr. Michael Joyner
APNM Presidents’ Lecture: Dr. Kevin Shoemaker - in Honour of Richard Hughson
Health and Fitness Professionals’ Annual Lecture: Dr. Stephen Cheung - in Honour of Gord Sleivert
History of CSEP:  Dr. Phillip Gardiner

The majority of exercise scientists in Canada attend this meeting along with a large proportion of their graduate students; and, we anticipate that the conference will also attract a substantial number of CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologists® and CSEP Certified Personal Trainers®.

Programme Overview:

  • Symposium 1: Nutraceuticals
  • Symposium 2:  Mitochondria biogenesis and turnover in muscle
  • Symposium 3: EIMC on Campus: successes & opportunities
  • Symposium 4: Nutrition for exercise performance
  • Symposium 5:  Understanding the variation in the metabolic adaptations to exercise: who responds to exercise training and why?
  • Symposium 6: Tissue talk and sex: how lipid metabolism is coordinated between tissues with consideration for sex differences
  • Graduate Student Symposium: TBA
  • Symposium 7: Environmental exercise physiology
  • Symposium 8:  Central nervous system adaptations to transient and chronic activity
  • Symposium 9: Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy: An exploration of the physical literacy of the nation
  • Symposium 10: Activity-dependent gene expression in the neuromuscular system
  • Symposium 11: Exercise in combination with bariatric surgery
  • Symposium 12: Physical activity and exercise as stress resiliency
  • Symposium 13: Exercise and intensity
  • Symposium 14: Cellular signaling measurements in exercise science:  pros and cons
  • Symposium 15: Incorporating exercise into the clinical management of chronic diseases: approaches, successes and challenges
  • Symposium 16: The physiology of sedentary behaviour
  • Symposium 17: Getting medicine moving with exercise: success for EIMC in health care
  • Symposium 18: A history of physical activity and aging in Canada – research, policy and practice and global trends
  • Symposium 19: Individual variability in response to exercsie: genetics, measurement variability, and implications for future interventions designed to enhance health
  • Symposium 20: Performance and recovery in ultramarathons
  • Symposium 21: The integration of clinical practitioners with exercise professionals

CSEP 2017: Back to the Beginning

  • October 25 - 28, 2017
  • 350 Saint Mary Avenue
    Winnipeg, Manitoba